PhD Readiness Survey

Welcome to your PhD Readiness Survey. This will help you in PhD readiness assessment. Readiness generally refers to the level of preparation an aspirant needs in order to enroll and succeed in chosen education field. Moreover students who demonstrate readiness can understand what is expected of them and use those takeaways to better prepare themselves confidently.

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I know expectations from university or research institutions

I have high level understanding of PhD journey

I know how to prepare research proposal during admission process

I understand academic research publishing process

I am open to take criticism of my work

I know why I want to pursue PhD

I understand duration and intermediate milestones during PhD

I know I can do PhD in full-time or part-time mode

I am curious and like to do research

I possess "academic" writing skills

I know how to prepare for PhD Entrance Test

I know how to select an University for doing PhD

I know PhD involves interdisciplinary interactions

I know how to find research gaps in my chosen field

I am familiar with the key academic journals and publications in my field

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